How Do you Deal with a Difficult Co-Worker

A member of posed a very familiar question. How do you work with a difficult co-worker.  Even more how do you deal with someone you don’t really respect or like?

Everyone in the group was encouraged to think of that unpleasant co-worker and their annoying habits. Without exception, the people in our group not only had an image but a list from the irritating to the egregious. Some of us thought it may be a cultural thing as we were all of asian decent. After venting about the bossy, often rude and self-serving individuals that made our karma contrary, we came to some interesting conclusions.

Getting along with the bossy and rude co-worker

Just trying to do a Rodney King and “just get along” doesn’t quite cut it. Trying to turn off your feelings and work with them for the good of the project doesn’t always work out with a greedy persona who does not wish to reciprocate. A self-serving individual breaks all the golden rules and take everything you give like a bully taking your lunch money at school or a mean girl who just wants to leave you out on the playground.

Then we got down to the core of the matter. Are the qualities that you don’t like in that co-worker something you don’t like in your own personality traits?

Where to find the Answers

With the tables turned, we looked within ourselves for the answers. Just like Dorothy clicking her heals together three times and wishing to go home-we discovered the answers were there all the time. As humans we are works in progress. Just when you think you have it all figured out is when you get your bell rung to find it is not over until it’s over. Jump into the matrix with both feet Dorothy and take a look into your own soul. You may just find the very traits you don’t like in that co-worker. Don’t beat yourself up about it….embrace it , forgive yourself and move forward.

Now with a different perspective, the group had positive and constructive ways to deal with unpleasant qualities in others because they were dealing with themselves. We want to be congratulated for work well done, encouraged when the task is difficult and occasionally being caught doing something right. By showing compassion with yourself you may take this out of your head and take this one on the road and into the workplace.

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