Conducting a Winning Interview Checklist Part 1: Know Where you are Going / Prepare the Night Before

We have prepared an eight-part checklist for you to use to conduct a winning job interview. In part 1, we cover several pre-interview steps that many applicants often do not consider before they even leave their homes.

Know Where you are Going / Prepare the Night Before

* Confirm the time, date, place and details of the interview
* You will need to know the full company address and directions, whichever form of transport you will use.
* Take a practice run to the location where you are having the interview. Try it at the same time of day so that you get a better idea of how long it will really take to get there.
* Lay out your clothes and all items you are bringing with you the night before.
* Make sure you get a good night’s rest before the big day.

What to Wear to the Interview

* Dress and adjust your attitude for success.
* Dress the part for the job, the company, the industry.
* Example, people who are seeking employment in an office usually wear suits or dresses to an interview and those seeking for construction work should wear work clothes that are clean.
* Do opt on the side of conservatism
* All interview clothing should be neat and clean. Shoes should be polished.
* Do not wear anything that will distract the interviewer’s attention. Avoid excessive jewelry, makeup, cologne or perfume.
* Be well groomed. Make sure your hair is neat and styled nicely; fingernails are clean and trimmed; and for men face is shaven or beard is trimmed.
* Do not have gum, candy or cigarettes visible.
* Give yourself a second “once-over” before you arrive at the interview.

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